Masonic Education

Visit the following links for information on Freemasonry. This is not a complete list by any means, but is representative of what is available online.

History. Freemasonry has its roots in Ancient Craft, but its modern history dates from the foundtion of Grand Lodge of England in 1717.

Structure. Blue Lodge Masonry is comprised of three foundational Degrees, with further advancement in the York Rite and/or Scottish Rite.

Symbols. Freemasonry is rich with symbolism that teach morals and lessons.

Candidate Guide. An overview of the fundamentals of Freemasonry for the Entered Apprentice.

Masonic Service Association of North America The Masonic Service Association of North America (MSANA) was formed in 1919 to provide services to its member Grand Lodges that they would find difficult to provide for themselves.

STB: "What's Your Answer?" Answers to questions like "What are the Masons?"

George Washington Masonic Memorial The George Washington Masonic Memorial was built in the 1920s by the more than two million American Freemasons who wished to: "express in durability and beauty the undying esteem of the Freemasons of the United States for him in whose memory it shall stand throughout the coming years."

Fifteen Points for Masonic Education Understanding the Freemasonry Craft, its structure and history and correcting some misconceptions.

Research Lodges and Masonic Research Sources Lodges throughout the US with research libraries and/or websites.

The Philalethes Society The sole purpose of this Research Society is to act as a clearing house for Masonic knowledge. It exchanges ideas, researches problems confronting Freemasonry, and passes them along to the Masonic world.